A visual showed a smoke filled cabin

New Delhi:

A SpiceJet aircraft flying to Jabalpur returned to Delhi airport this morning after the crew noticed smoke in the cabin.

The Q400 aircraft was at an altitude of 5,000 feet when the crew first noticed the smoke and the smoke alarm was triggered, according to sources.

“The cabin crew informed the cockpit crew of mild smoke in the cabin and on visual check, no sign of smoke or damage was observed in the lavatory,” the source said.

The smoke started increasing when the flight reached an altitude of 14,000 feet. The pilot then informed the Air Traffic Control and May Day was declared. Following this, the flight turned back towards Delhi.

On safe landing, all passengers were evacuated.

Preliminary investigation has suggested that an oil leak in the left engine cause the smoke, sources said.

Sources from the aviation regular, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, said it was a technical problem and there was no cause for panic.

“A SpiceJet aircraft operating from Delhi to Jabalpur returned safely to the Delhi airport today morning after the crew noticed smoke in the cabin while passing 5000ft; passengers safely disembarked,” a SpiceJet spokesperson said, according to ANI.

A visual tweeted by the news agency showed a smoke filled cabin. Visuals also showed passengers exiting the aircraft after its return to Delhi.

This is the second emergency landing for a SpiceJet flight in 15 days. On June 19, a Delhi-bound aircraft, with 185 passengers on board, made an emergency landing in Patna right after take-off as its left engine caught fire following a bird hit.