To Protest Potholes, Bihar Villagers Sit On Flooded Highway

Samastipur, Bihar:

Villagers residing in areas near Mohiuddin Nagar market in Samastipur staged a protest sitting in dirty water which has accumulated on the road on Sunday morning demanding the maintenance of the Hajipur-Bachwara NH-122.

“The tender process of NH-122 has been completed and the construction of repairing the potholes of the highway has also been started. It is long process which will take some time to complete,” said an official.

“Due to this reason, some people have stated protesting since last three days”, the official further stated.

On the early morning of Saturday, the protesters sat in dirty water, in order to get their demands fulfilled.

“It’s been three days that we have been protesting. Our demand is very simple. We understand that making proper roads is a big task but we want a bit of maintenance on the roads for which Rs 25 lakh was given to the contactor,” said a protestor.

“Each and every day accidents are taking place due to the poor conditions of the road and the ordinary people are suffering due to this”, he also added.

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